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Privacy Policy Notice of the Chrome extension Glocal

One of the few (if not the fisrt) Privacy Policy with illustrations

Version 1.0, 2021-01-28

I. The essential

  1. As the developer of the Chrome extension “Glocal” (this software), I do NOT collect any data from the user of the software.
  2. There is NO advertising, sales, or marketing in this software.
  3. If, after reading this notice, anyone has still privacy concerns with this software, the installation of this software is not recommended for her/him.

II. About the production and usage of data by the software

This software is nothing other than an auxiliary interface of Google Search. It produces two kinds of data:

  1. a language code for determining its user interface language (UIL);
  2. some linguistic et geographical parameters with which the user may apply as filters in her/his web search via Google. Both in themselves and in terms of their function, these parameters are identical to the language and region codes of the Google Advanced Search pages (figure 1). Please be noted that, with or without this software, any web search command with language and/or region filter sent to Google’s search engine transfers one or two of these codes to Google’s search engine.
Figure 1.

III. About the storage of data

The user interface language code of this software and the frequently used parameters are stored in the browser’s sync storage area. They can be synchronized across user’s devices with her/his Google account. Within the framework of this software, this is the only way by which these data leave the user’s device — only for arriving in her/his other one(s). (Figure 2)

Figure 2.

IV.  About the access of the browser’s data

  1. In the stage of installation, this software reads the language preferences stored in the browser in order to determinate the user interface language of this software and to establish a preliminary list of linguist parameters of web search. These initial settings can be changed by the user at any time. Their usage, storage and transmission are disclosed in the article II and III of this notice. (Figure 3)
  2. As an auxiliary interface of Google Search, this software reads necessarily the address (URL) of every Google Search page and the word(s) to be searched for — either some words of web page selected by the user or some words typed by the user in Google Search page’s input box (search box). These data serve only as parameters of web search to be sent to Google’s search engine. In any case, the software does NOT store these words. (Figure 1)
Figure 3.

V. About the privacy rights of the user

  1. Given the information disclosed in the precedent articles, the privacy question is, a priori, irrelevant to this software.
  2. Any user resident in the European Economic Area who believes this software unlawfully processes her/his personal information, she/he has the right to complain to her/his local data protection supervisory authority.
  3. Any user resident in Switzerland who believes this software unlawfully processes her/his personal information, she/he has the right to complain to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

VI. About the “personal information” according to the California’s “Shine the Light” law (CA Civil Code § 1798.83)

This software does NOT treat any personal information defined by the aforesaid law.

VII. About the the minors

The precedents articles apply to every user of this software regardless to her/his age.

VIII. About the revision of this notice

  1. This notice may be updated to stay compliant with relevant laws.
  2. Every updated version will be indicated by its version number and the date of its publication, indicated below the title of the notice.
  3. The publication of updated notice will be announced in the software’s website and its “Product details” in the Chrome Web Store.  
  4. The updated version will be effective as soon as it is published.

IX Contact

If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may contact me via the ticket system of support of

KUO Wei-Shiung, developer of Glocal